President of the United States of America Donald Trump spoke about the details of his treatment for coronavirus at the Walter Reed military hospital and promised to provide American medical facilities with free drugs for COVID-19. He made the corresponding statement in Twitter.

“I felt bad, after a while I was given Regeneron and other things, but this one was key. It was incredible, I felt better at the same moment,” Trump said.

According to him, the aforementioned drug, which was used on an emergency basis, and its analogs will be sent to American hospitals.

“We have hundreds of thousands of practically ready doses. I have a permit for emergency use, we will sign it right now. We will provide you with medicines, they will be free, we will transfer them to hospitals as soon as we can,” –the head of the White House concluded.

Earlier, the US President said that went into self-isolation due to the detected coronavirus at his assistant Hope Hicks.

Before that, it became known that Trump hid test results that showed him being infected with the coronavirus. He waited for the results of a second, more accurate study. Trump knew about the results on the evening of October 1, before he appeared on the air of Fox News. But then he kept silent about the first positive test for COVID-19 and instead confirmed that the coronavirus was found in his assistant.

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