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Another Initiative of REsolv Corporation, USA – Aligarh Muslim University

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The online Inaugural Ceremony of the two-week online Communication Skills Development Program (October 5-16, 2020) organized by REsolv Corporation, Massachusetts, the USA in collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh was held on October 4, 2020. The objective of this program is to develop trainees’ intellectual, personal, and professional abilities so that they can successfully participate in professional and other real-life situations.

The Chief Guest of the Inaugural Ceremony, Prof. Zaheeruddin, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, AMU acknowledged the importance of communication skills in all professions. He emphasized the need for such programs in other Departments of the University as well including the Department of Law. The Guest of Honor, Dr. Arshad Siddiqui, CEO and President, Paraza Pharma, USA, discussed the idea of focus, hard work, and perseverance. He also illustrated a multi-faceted approach to career development. The Special Guest, Prof. Qazi Mazhar Ali, Dean, Faculty of Science, AMU indicated the critical need for improving language among students. The Co-host, Prof. Rafiqul Zaman Khan, Chairman, Department of Computer Science, AMU underlined the need for upgradation of students to face competition in present challenging times. Prof. Khan congratulated Mr. Syed Ali Rizvi, President, REsolv Corporation, and the team, REsolv- Education and Training Programs, for being so active and prompt in extending their support and organizing this program. He also suggested that other Departments of the University should also collaborate with REsolv and organize training programs for the development of students.

The host, Mr. Syed Ali Rizvi, a noted philanthropist, an alumnus of the Department of Business Administration, AMU, and President, REsolv Corporation, USA, has been serving his Alma Mater by organizing various educational programs for students and teachers. Under his guidance and mentorship, REsolv Corporation introduced many visionary initiatives including Sir Syed Global Scholar Award- a non-profit, through which students receive mentorship and are placed at premier universities in more than 15 countries. Mr. Rizvi thanked Prof. Rafiqul Zaman Khan, Chairman of, Department of Computer Science for enduring all his support in planning and realizing the initiative of REsolv Corporation.

Dr. Zareen Husain Farooq, Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, AMU, and Honorary Program Advisor, proposed a Vote of Thanks. Dr. Farooq exhibited commendable dedication in bringing people together in this initiative. Ms. Areeba Shabbir, Program Convener, designed this course considering the important aspects of communication skills for the students of Aligarh Muslim University. The program is backed by a motivated and dedicated team of organizers- Mr. Anand Pal Singh, Mr. Yasir Naseem, Mr. Kartik Bhaiyaji, and Ms. Aiysha Vaseem. Ms. Shabbir conducted the program. The online Inaugural Ceremony was attended by a large audience including many dignitaries, faculty members, and students of the Department of Computer Science, AMU.

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