Anthony Fauci, the United States’ top epidemiologist, has sharply criticized the US President Donald Trump’s government for holding an event last month that is believed to have been a breeding ground for the coronavirus. Fauci says there was an “over-distribution” of the virus at the event.

Trump was diagnosed with coronavirus late last week. The previous Saturday, he introduced Amy Coney Barrett as his Supreme Court judge at the White House at a large ceremony. Photos from the event show people sitting close together, most without masks. Many who attended the ceremony have since been diagnosed with the coronavirus, many of them from the president’s staff.

In an interview with the American television station CBS today, Fauci asked what he thought about the US government’s policy of not imposing a mask obligation, for example.


“I think the numbers speak for themselves,” Fauci replied. “It became ‘over-distribution’ [of coronavirus] at an event in the White House and it was in a situation where people were close together and did not wear masks. So the numbers speak for themselves.” Fauci referred to the aforementioned act, in which Barrett was introduced as a Supreme Court judge.

Trump, who was diagnosed with the virus just over a week ago, will appear in a television interview on Fox television tonight. There he also intends to undergo a medical examination.

Trump will address hundreds of people on the White House balcony tomorrow. Ten days will have passed since the president was diagnosed, according to his doctors. On Monday, a rally is scheduled for Florida, where Trump is expected to address his supporters.

However, there will be no debate between Trump and his rival candidate, Joe Biden, in the presidential election which was scheduled for October 15. This is stated in announcements from both candidates today. Trump had previously refused to take part in the online debates.

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