Great Britain, in solidarity with Poland and Lithuania, decided to recall its ambassador from Belarus for consultations. British Foreign Minister Dominic Raab said this on Twitter…


“condemns Belarus’ decision to expel Polish & Lithuanian diplomats. Completely unjustified and will only isolate the Belarusian people. In solidarity, we are temporarily recalling our Ambassador for consultations on the situation in Belarus,” wrote Raab.

He also noted that London condemns the decision of the Belarusian authorities to expel Lithuanian and Polish diplomats from the republic.


Formerly Latvia and Estonia recalled their ambassadors to Belarus for consultation. EU Council on Friday confirmed the agreed earlier the leaders of the European Union sanctions against Belarus. In total, 40 people were included in the EU sanctions lists, whom the EU considers to be involved in the rigging of elections on August 9 and violence against protesters. At this stage, it was decided not to include Lukashenka on the sanctions list. Sanctions may be imposed against him if he refuses to engage in dialogue through the OSCE, take confidence-building measures, and release political prisoners, especially ex-presidential candidates.

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