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Is very likely that most Argentines identify the surname Neuss with a brand of soda. This is because the employer Jorge Justo Neuss (h) He is one of the heirs of a German immigrant who explored the fields of chemistry, developed one of the first sodas in Argentina and set up a small emporium in this area that later multiplied and gained greater visibility in the 90s.

In 1891 Hermann Neuss founded Soda Neuss Belgrano, which came to dominate the local market. And his son, Jorge Justo Neuss, started a branch of activities related to services for the public sector, energy and finance.

In the ’90s the third generation of the family, led by Jorge Justo Neuss (h) and his brother Germán took control of the businesses. They began a process of expansion in other areas, like the real estate and the financier. One of its main companies became Urban Yard, which won the concession to operate the Puerto Madero Yacht Club.

The family got rid of the soda brand that bore their name over thirty years ago. Today, the Neuss line belongs to the company Productos de Agua (Prodea), based on Pilar’s party, and in fact, it functions as Cunnington’s second brand (Prodea’s star product).


After the sale of the Neuss sodas, the family was adding new businesses, including electricity distribution, where they participate through the company Edersa, which is in charge of the electricity concession in the Río Negro province.

The Neuss grew in popularity in the 1990s. As part of the privatizations, the family partnered with the French group Thales and through Thales Spectrum company it got the concession of the radioelectric spectrum. The operation was questioned in court, although a ruling of Cassation dismissed several defendants, among which was Jorge Neuss.

Today, the main family investments are channeled through Neuss Capital, which is defined as an investment fund specialized in the acquisition and startups of service companies and technological solutions for the public or private sector. “We invest in innovative companies that capitalize on the irruption of technology, and that are positioned for rapid growth and leadership in the market. We have management teams prepared to provide service, improve operations, and maximize the growth of organizations, through a strategic combination of capital and operational knowledge “, they say of themselves on their website.

Jorge Neuss and his wife Sivia Saravia have four children: Patricio, Juan, Lucila and Germán.

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