Anthony Fauci, head of the US Department of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and one of the top US epidemiologists, is unhappy that his words were used in an advertisement for US President Donald Trump’s candidacy. He says they have been taken out of context and that he has not agreed to take part in it.

The advertisement was launched last week and deals with the actions of his government in response to the coronavirus disease pandemic.

“I can not imagine anyone could be doing more,” Fauci is heard saying in the ad, which is an excerpt from an interview with him last March, where he talked in general about the actions that were being taken. , and seems to have been talking about himself, but given the overall context of the comments, CNN publishes the comments in their entirety.

In a statement sent to CNN on the case, Fauci said that in the more than five decades he had served as a public servant, he had never publicly supported certain candidates or politicians.

He says the comments that Trump’s candidacy took advantage of were taken out of context as he was talking about the total contribution of civil servants against the coronavirus virus. This was done at his request and without asking permission.

Trump’s candidacy, however, does not seem to care that Fauci is dissatisfied, and in response to a CNN inquiry, Tim Murtaugh, the candidacy’s communications director, said that it was simply Fauci’s own words.

“The video is taken from an interview that was broadcast nationally on television where Dr. Fauci praises the work of the Trump administration. What is heard is what Dr. Fauci said, “says Murtaugh.

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