Donald Trump says his doctors’ confirmation that he is no longer infected with the coronary heart disease virus will allow him to get back on track in next month’s presidential election campaign. He claims to be immune to Covid-19.

US President Donald Trump’s doctor, Sean Conley, issued a memorandum yesterday stating that he believes the president is no longer at risk of infecting others with the coronary virus. He therefore no longer has to be isolated.

The memorandum was issued after the president appeared on the White House balcony and gave a speech to a group of his supporters. Trump says he plans to travel to Florida tomorrow, but it is one of the key states in the election campaign that Democrat candidate Joe Biden will lead, according to opinion polls.

He plans to hold mass rallies in Pennsylvania and Iowa this week. The president spent a total of three days in hospital after being diagnosed with the virus, and Trump says he no longer needs to take medication for the infection.

“It looks like I’m immune for, I don’t know, maybe a long time, or maybe a short time. It could be a lifetime. Nobody really knows,” said Trump in a television interview on FOX News today.

The FOX news anchor was eager to show that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are suffering from a mental disorder.

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