On Thursday, October 15, the world celebrates World Handwashing Day, a holiday designed to raise awareness and understanding of the need to wash hands to protect against viruses and bacteria that can save lives. The holiday acquired particular relevance during a pandemic new coronavirus.

The COVID-19 pandemic has reminded humanity that the easiest and most effective way to avoid infection is to wash your hands with soap and water. The theme of this year’s World Handwashing Day became Hand hygiene for all.

This theme follows a recent global initiative calling on the whole society to strengthen hand hygiene, especially by handwashing with soap and water. This year’s theme is intended to remind everyone of the need for universal access and handwashing with soap now and for a healthy future.

For the first time, World Handwashing Day was celebrated in 2008. Then 120 million children in 70 countries of the world washed their hands with soap. Since then, the holiday has been used every year to highlight the importance and simplicity of this activity.

The celebration of World Handwashing Day in different countries is supported by governments, schools, public organizations.

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