Trump drops New Lockdown in US amid second wave of COVID

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The United States will not impose strict quarantines in the country even in the event of a second wave of coronavirus.

US President Donald Trump said this in an interview with Fox Business.

“We will no longer introduce lockdown,” he stressed, noting that the US government is dealing with local outbreaks of COVID-19, as it was in the states of Arizona and Texas.


At the same time, Trump criticized the actions of some governors from the Democratic Party, who supported the tough restrictions.

Previously The Economist wrote that the coronavirus was the biggest obstacle to Trump’s election victory.

Trump is probably exaggerating when he says that he not only “survived the coronavirus, but also defeated it.” Returning to the White House from the hospital, Trump spoke in front of the cameras and defiantly removed his protective mask. In further video messages, he urged Americans not to be afraid of illness.

Trump’s opponents sharply criticized his actions, criticism rained down even from the conservative American media. More than 210,000 Americans have died from the pandemic, in the seriousness of which Trump did not believe from the very beginning.

Five days before he tested positive for coronavirus, Trump attended a meeting at the White House, where most of those present were not wearing masks. During the first presidential debate, he taunted Democrat Joe Biden for his opponent’s belief in the effectiveness of masks in containing the spread of the disease.

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