Belgium, a nation in Europe, is once again tightening up measures to stem the rise in the number of coronavirus infections, hospitalizations, and deaths in the country amid the second wave of Coronavirus in Europe, Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said at a press conference about Covid-19 in Belgium on Friday, October 16, reports The Brussels Times.

“The number of infected people is growing very rapidly every day. Our doctors are under strong pressure. We are fighting an unequal fight against this virus,” said Prime Minister Alexander De Croo. 

From October 19, measures are being introduced that will sometimes be even stricter than in March-April during the first wave of COVID-19. In particular, it will be allowed to have only one close permanent contact outside the family living in the same house.


In addition, a curfew is being introduced in the country amid Coronavirus in Belgium, which provides for a ban on going out from 00:00 to 5:00 in the morning.

Bars and restaurants will be closed for four weeks in Belgium, and after 20:00 it will be forbidden to sell alcoholic beverages.

Food markets are allowed to operate in compliance with all current COVID quarantine measures. However, Christmas markets and winter markets will be banned.

Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said that they are very much concerned about the second wave of Coronavirus pandemic. He said that he will do anything to save people. Healthcare in Belgium is considered one of the best in the world.

The number of participants in public events is limited to 40 people. Churches, Mosques, or any other religious temples are asked to follow the restrictions during the curfew against the covid-19 pandemic in Belgium.

Prime Minister has not announced any package for the health workers in this emergency situation amid coronavirus in Belgium. Other European nations like Italy and France are also thinking about strict measures to fight the second wave of coronavirus pandemic.

Earlier, Italy has introduced a strict lockdown in the country. No public gathering is allowed.


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