Business analysts often referred to as management analysts work for businesses to improve operating procedures, reduce costs, and inefficiencies for achieving better performance. The business analysts work with the management to work on the enhanced solutions for business to reduce inefficiencies so that the firm’s competitive position is retained in the market. A business analyst is often management graduates or MBAs hired by the organizations. In other cases, a professional equally certified with the required skills are also hired.

Talking about the skills required, one of the popular certifications for Business Analysts is the CBAP certification by IIBA. So if you are willing to know about CBAP Certification Training, then read out the rest of the article to know why getting certified in CBAP is worthy.

What is the CBAP Certification?

The certified business analysis professional (CBAP) certification is certified to those professionals who prove their proficiency in business analysis in the exam conducted by IIBA (International institute of business analysis). It is a global level accreditation, which is considered an important asset for the professional’s career. The CBAP certified professionals become senior leaders for their team.

The CBAP examination consists of 150 questions, and the duration is three and a half hours. The exam questions are based on BABOK (a guide to business analysis body of knowledge). The exam is conducted in both online and offline mode. For attending the CBAP exam, you must fulfil the criteria provided by IIBA.

The eligibility criteria of CBAP is that the professionals must have at least 7500 hours of work experience as a business analyst in the last 10 years. The completion of at least 4 out of 6 knowledge areas according to the BABOK guide, with a minimum of 900 hours. They should have completed a minimum of 35 hours of professional development in the last 4 years. They must be provided with a reference from at least two people from their professional network. The other terms and conditions are also required to satisfy the criteria.

Six Reasons to Get Certified in CBAP

The reasons why getting certified on CBAP is important, are briefly described below:

A global certification from IIBA

When you are certified from IIBA, it will give you global accreditation. So it actually overcomes the barrier of geographical locations, whereby you can work anywhere around the world and utilize your potential. It will not just benefit you but your organizations as well to strengthen the business relationships.

Growth in Business Analysis career

The CBAP certification will open up the door of opportunities for you. So if you are a beginner in business analysis or have a few years of experience, then upgrade your career by spending on the valuable certification. It will give you a chance to manage projects or lead a project team. The growth of CBAP professionals is huge and some of the areas where business analysts are required are information technology, finance and insurance, government and public centre, business professional consulting, healthcare, and social services.

Understanding of the principles and practices of business analysis

Some of the areas in which the CBAP certification will help you gain expertise in the following

  •  Planning and monitoring business
  •  Elicitation and collaboration
  •  Requirements life cycle management
  •  Strategy analysis
  •  Requirements analysis and design definition
  •  Solution evaluation

Certifications validate your skillset

When you qualify for your CBAP exam, you are awarded a certificate. It acts as proof of your capabilities and skills. The hiring organizations give preference to the certified candidates over the non-certified ones. As the hiring professionals know that the candidate has completed some projects in it and passed the exam, it is the best way to showcase your skills.

Certification can help you increase your salary

Actually, certification upgrades your skillset. When the recruiters can observe your work and skill, it will become beneficial for people to trust their abilities. This will give you an opportunity to work on senior levels and lead people working for you. As an outcome, the organizations will pay you higher salaries for your expertise.


The best way to learn any skill to learn it with peers. So when you join your group of friends or any online preparation group, it gives you the best opportunity to connect with people. You will actually be meeting people from different professional backgrounds. It will help you to establish professional relationships with them for a longer term.


It is pretty clear from the above reasons why one should get certified for CBAP. it definitely meets all your career goals. Mainly, it helps a professional gain overall proficiency in business analysis. Start upgrading your career by taking the certification. The top companies that hire CBAP professionals in India are Accenture Technology Solutions, Tata Consultancy Services, EY, JP Morgan, HSBC.

If you are a professional with a few years of business analysis, then you need to know more about business analysis principles and concepts. In that case, take up a CBAP certification training. It will definitely be worth it to invest your resources in it. People’s busy schedules always interfere with learning new things. These courses are designed keeping in mind the busy schedule of people and they can make the most of it by just spending a few hours in their day.

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