US President Donald Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden did not meet yesterday as scheduled. Despite this, they were both answering questions on television at the same time but on different television stations.

Analysts agree that the meetings have highlighted the obvious differences between the candidates.

Trump repeatedly shared with Savanahha Guthrie, who chaired his town hall meeting, who tried to reach out to him to answer questions, with mixed results. Biden, on the other hand, was much calmer and his longer meeting went much better.

Below is a summary of the untruths that the candidates threw out at their meetings yesterday. As before, Trump was much more diligent than Biden in telling lies. 

Among other things, Trump said that the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) had found that 85 percent of those who wore face masks became infected with Covid-19.

“The other day, they issued a statement saying that 85 percent of those who wear masks get it [sjúkdóminn] so … That’s what I heard and that’s what I saw, ” Trump said.

this is far from the truth. Like appears in the coverage of the AP news agency The CDC recently published a study that found that 85 percent of the relatively small group of people who had been infected with Covid-19 said they often wore masks.

Studies have clearly shown that masking reduces the spread of the virus. Infected people are more contagious and people with masks are less likely to be infected.

It is possible that Trump was watching a show, Tucker Carlson, on Fox this week, in which he misinterpreted the CDC’s investigation in the sense that “almost everyone” who had been infected in July wore masks. Carlson said that indicated that the masks did not work.

Trump also said that after it was revealed that he had been infected with Covid-19, Biden and Kamala Harris, Biden’s vice-presidential candidate, had not asked him to recover. They did so shortly after Trump’s infection became public.

Trump was also asked in the New York Times about his tax returns and especially that he owed more than 400 million dollars. He was asked who he owed. In a lengthy response, Trump said he did not owe Russia or “shadow” parties.

Trump has repeatedly argued that postal voting is a major electoral fraud. However, he and his allies have never been able to substantiate those claims. The president stated yesterday that thousands of ballot papers sent by his constituents had been thrown away.

It has not been seen anywhere. The AP news agency says no one has reported that thousands of banknotes have been thrown away.

Trump has previously referred to the ballot papers that were thrown in Pennsylvania as a sign that he was being cheated in the election. It was about the mistakes of a Republican-led election official. He threw seven ballots, two of which had not been opened and therefore not used to vote for Trump, or anyone else.

The mistake was quickly discovered and the authorities were notified.

Experts say there is little risk of widespread electoral fraud in connection with postal voting, and in the five states that regularly send ballots to all voters, such issues have never arisen. Likewise, there have never been many problems with the counting of votes in those countries.

Trump also criticized Christopher Wray, whom he appointed chief of the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, and said he was not doing a good job. He did so because Wray did not want to accept Trump’s statements about electoral fraud.

Dismissed allegations that Biden had killed soldiers

Trump recently retold an article claiming that former President Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and others had hidden that Osama bin Laden, the former leader of al-Qaeda, was still alive.

His double had been killed in a famous attack in Pakistan in 2011 and to hide it, Obama and Biden had all the special forces involved in the attack killed.

This has no basis in reality, and when asked why he was spreading this to his followers, Trump said he was just spreading the views of others. The public could come to their own conclusion.

Refused to condemn QAnon

This article is related to QAnon’s conspiracy theories. It’s an extensive network of crazy conspiracy theories that briefly revolve around Democrats and celebrities engaging in child pornography and devil worship to prolong their lives.

In short, this movement is about Trump waging a covert campaign against a network of devil-worshipping child molesters who rule the world behind the scenes and consume children’s blood to stay young. In addition, the movement follows other meaningless conspiracy theories about shootings, vaccines, waves from 5G transmitters powering Covid-19, and more.

These conspiracy theories have been widely circulated on social media and other Internet sites in recent months, and the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation says the movement poses a threat. It has already been linked to violent crime in the United States.

Guthrie asked Trump about QAnon and his stance on white nationalism and neo-Nazis. He reacted angrily to the question, saying he had long condemned white nationalists.

Trump did not want to condemn QAnon. He said he knew nothing about the movement other than that its members fought hard against child abuse. He supported it. He then went on to criticize Democrats.

Asked why he did not want to say there was nothing wrong with Democrats worshiping the devil and drinking infant blood, he said he did not know enough about the matter.

Trump also said he supported the DACA, which he has repeatedly tried to repeal, and that he also supported the part of the US health care system that provides people with underlying health insurance. His government’s lawyers are with a case in court which is about to be repealed and will be heard in the US Supreme Court in the coming weeks

Differences in quantity and scope

Like Trump, Biden did the wrong thing, but there is a real difference in the nature of those untruths, as well as a great difference in their quantity and scope.

Biden said, among other things, that Trump had not acted when public assistance for the sharp rise in unemployment in the United States due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus expired. That’s not right. He used federal funds to increase unemployment benefits by $ 300. The fund that was used to finance it is, however, mostly depleted.

Biden also declined to answer questions, especially the question of whether he intends to increase the number of Supreme Court justices if he becomes president. He did not want to rule it out but stated that he was not a fan of the idea.

Biden also claimed that there were more US troops in Afghanistan these days than when he resigned as vice president. That’s also not true. There were about 9,800 troops in Afghanistan. Now they are less than five thousand.

Below you can see Daniel Dale, a CNN reporter who has spent a lot of time investigating the veracity of Trump and other politicians’ comments about Trump’s untruths and outright lies last night.

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