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Covid 19 Israel Lockdown: Thousands of Israelis held a demonstration outside Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s official residence on Saturday evening, resuming weekly protests against the Israeli leader following the lifting of emergency quarantine restrictions due to the coronavirus in Israel reports AP.

The protests ended last month after Israel instituted new isolation measures in response to a new outbreak of the corona virus. Emergency regulations prevented Israelis from traveling to Jerusalem to protest and only allowed people to attend small demonstrations within one kilometer (half a mile) of their home.

Protesters against strict corona virus lockdown gathered in downtown Jerusalem and made their way to Netanyahu’s official residence, holding up banners urging them to go and shouting “Revolution!” Many sounded horns and beat drums, while others carried Israeli flags. Dozens of small demonstrations took place across the country, with some 260,000 people across the country, according to organizers.

Protesters say Netanyahu should step down, calling him unfit to lead the country until he tried on corruption charges… They also say he mishandled the viral crisis that has spiked unemployment.

Netanyahu has appeared in court for fraud, breach of trust, and receiving bribes for his involvement in a string of scandals. He denied the charges and said he was the victim of a conspiracy by overzealous police, prosecutors, and liberal media.

Israeli media reported several incidents of violence by far-right counter-demonstrators. In the northern city of Haifa, police said they had arrested three people suspected of using pepper spray against demonstrators.

Earlier this year, Israel managed to contain the corona virus outbreak by closing its borders and imposing strict isolation. But the rapid reopening of the economy led to an increase in the number of cases, leading to COVID 19 re-lockdowns in the country.

Health officials say new restrictions, covid 19 Israel lockdown, have lowered infection rates, and Israel is set to begin easing lockdown on Sunday by reopening kindergartens and some businesses. The full opening is expected to take several months.

According to government figures, unemployment, including those on indefinite leave, rose to nearly 25 percent. Many of the protesters include business owners, entrepreneurs, and job seekers.

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