Chinese authorities have warned Washington that the United States in China will be barred from leaving the country. This will be done as a result of the US Department of Justice’s lawsuit against scholars associated with the Chinese military.

According to the Wall Street Journal, The Chinese authorities have repeatedly warned the US authorities about this and used various methods to do so.

The warnings are that the US government will not stop suing Chinese scholars and that the United States could be prosecuted in China for violating the law.


Neither the White House, the State Department, nor the United States Department of Justice has responded to the news despite inquiries. The Chinese embassy in Washington has not responded to inquiries.

Thousands of Chinese citizens deported

An adviser to the State Department said on September 14 that it was unwise to travel to China, saying that the Chinese authorities randomly selected Americans to be taken into custody and that this was used to put pressure on the US administration.

In July, three Chinese were arrested by the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and accused of concealing from members of the Chinese military, the PLA, when applying for a residency permit to conduct research at US universities.

It was also reported last month that more than a thousand Chinese citizens had been deprived of their residency permits in the United States. This was done after the US President issued a directive that Chinese students and scholars should be denied residency permits for security reasons. The Chinese government has called the directive a violation of human rights.

At the time, a State Department spokeswoman said the United States would continue to welcome “legitimate students and scholars from China who did not support the Chinese Communist Party’s plans for military superiority.”


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