The study center specialized in statistics Our World in Data, dependent on the Oxford University, decided this Tuesday to eliminate Argentina from its databases for lacking “sufficient quality” reports referring to Covid-19 infections.

“To ensure the quality and reliability of Our World in Data with the Covid-19 test data, we have decided to remove Argentina from our dataset for now. The official figures added by the Government are not of sufficient quality to correctly reflect the scope of the tests” said Edouard Mathieu, one of the main researchers in charge of this non-profit project.

“The Government of Argentina announced a few days ago that it would implement a new system to ensure that all tests are correctly recorded in all provinces. However, it is not clear whether this will also correct the historical data retrospectively,” he said through his Twitter account. Mathieu explained that in Argentina “recently it became known that many negative tests had not been added to the official count”, which included large provinces such as Santa Fe and Córdoba, and “this generated an increase in the possible rate.”

And he concluded: “As we explain on our site, the tests are our window to the pandemic and how it is spreading. We hope that the corrected data for Argentina will be published very soon, in which case we will include it again in our dataset.”

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