Homosexuality, LGBT, and LGBTQ are always questioned when religion is reached. Pope Francis is the first pope to declare support for the confirmed cohabitation of same-sex or homosexual couples. He did so in a commentary in a documentary that premiered on TV but is believed to have been shot last year. The documentary Francesco was screened at the Rome Film Festival and contains several interviews with the Pope where he discusses the issues that concern him. According to the Catholic Church homosexuality is not a sin but having sex with a homosexual is a sin.

These include the environment, poverty, migration, racism, and poverty, to name a few.

“Homosexuals have the right to be in a family. They are children of God,” said Pope Francis in one interview. “You can’t kick someone in the family, or make their lives unbearable because of it[homosexuality]. What we need is legal cohabitation. That’s how they are protected by law.” According to the AP news agency, Pope Francis had declared support for the confirmed cohabitation of same-sex couples [homosexuals] when he was bishop of Argentina, but he has never done so before as pope. No pope has done that before.

LGBTQ community is struggling worldwide to achieve the status of a new gender or acceptance of their sexual preferences.

It was also reported that Francis’s intent in the interview is similar to the intent in another interview he conducted at Televisa in Mexico last year.

The news agency says that many people welcomed the Pope’s comments about homosexuality, but not all.

Thomas Tobin, bishop of Rhode Island in the United States, for example, called for Pope Francis to explain further.

“The pope’s statement is clearly contrary to the Church’s long-standing position on same-sex [homosexual] relationships,” he said in a statement.” The Church cannot give its blessing to relationships that are inherently immoral [homosexuality].”

According to the Catholic Church, homosexuality is not a sin, but having sex with a homosexual is a sin. The Church says that homosexuality should be treated with respect and not supported by the legalization of same-sex marriage.

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