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US Presidential Election – Republican and Democrat record video together

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The candidates for the governors of the American state of Utah – Democrat Chris Peterson and Republican Spencer Cox recorded a joint campaign video. The video has already gone viral in the US, reports the “Voice of America” newspaper.

According to the candidates, who are bitter opponents in the elections, they decided to demonstrate to the Americans that representatives of competing parties are capable of dialogue and civilized discussion and can “not throw mud at each other.”

Spencer Cox and Chris Peterson urged voters to respect other people’s point of view, refrain from insults and make informed choices.

The US Presidential Election, on November 3, not only the presidential election will take place in the United States. Americans will elect part of the Senate, the full House of Representatives, and the local government.

On September 30, the first Donald Trump and Joe Biden debate is already criticized by people as “the most aggressive in history.”

Donald Trump during the first debate between presidential candidates in almost every line he bullied, interrupted his opponent Joe Biden and moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News. He ignored substantive questions and political arguments, and repeatedly accused the former vice president and his sons of corruption.

In turn, Joe Biden several times demanded that Donald Trump “shut up”, calling him “racist” and “Putin’s puppy.

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