Eight days before the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden by-polls in several key states ahead of his rival and Republican candidate Donald Trump, who is trying to stay in the White House for a second term.

YouGov interview in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin showed a confident advantage of the former vice president over the current president:

  • MICHIGAN: Biden 52%, Trump 42%
  • PENSION: Biden 52%, Trump 44%
  • WISCONSIN: Biden 53%, Trump 43%

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Interview Atlanta Journal-Constitution in Georgia shows Georgia the difference within the margin of error. In the state, 47% are ready to vote for Biden, 46% for Trump.

Interview CBS News in Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina showed a small gap between the presidential candidates:

  • Florida: Biden 50%, Trump 48%
  • Georgia: Biden 49%, Trump 49%
  • North Carolina: Biden 51%, Trump 47%

The University of Texas at Tyler shows that Biden is only three percent ahead of Trump in the “State of the Lone Star” – 48% versus 45%.

Before the debate, a Gallup poll showed that 56% of Americans believe Trump does not deserve a second term. Historically, in the United States, all candidates with an approval rating of 50% or above won re-election, while presidents with an approval rating well below 50% lost.

Trump, who is trying to stay in the White House for another cadence, continues to lag behind Biden in polls. Analysts of The Economist magazine believe that Biden’s chances of winning are much higher than the current head of state.

It should be noted that Biden has the best ratings ahead of the election than any contender for the presidency of the United States since 1936.


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