The American television station CBS has published a video from the interview of the news commentary show 60 minutes with US President Donald Trump, where he can be seen arguing with the journalist Lesley Stahl before he left the interview.

The interview itself has attracted a lot of attention, but Trump complained about it before it was published. Among other things, he himself published a White House recording of the interview to show how it was, in his own opinion, “FALSE AND BULLYING,” as he put it.


Trump disliked Stahl’s harshness of access and stopped the interview after complaining bitterly that Stahl had softened his grip on Joe Biden, his running mate in the by-elections . Among the things Trump complained about was that Stahl initially asked him if he was prepared to answer difficult questions.

In the video published by CBS, Trump can be seen complaining about it again, before Stahl asks him if he thinks that his behavior on social media can scare voters away.

“I do not think I would be here if it were not for social media. The media is fake. To be honest, if it weren’t for social media, I would have no chance of making my voice heard. ”

Moments later, Trump turned to his staff and said that he had had enough of the interview before he got up and left. A report on the 60 Minutes website says that the president has not returned to continue the interview. A transcribed version of the interview can also be found there.

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