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More than seventy million people have voted in the United States and it seems Trump is losing

More than 70 million Americans have voted outside the polls in less than a week.

That is more than half of all votes cast in the 2016 presidential election, according to the report Reuters reported on the case.

This large number of by-election votes may indicate that turnout in the forthcoming elections will be the highest in more than a century.

The masses are also seen as a sign of interest in the election of US President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden, but also that voters want to avoid being exposed to Coronavirus disease at the polls.

Democrats are believed to have a significant advantage when it comes to by-elections, as they have strongly encouraged people to vote by mail.

Historically, many Republicans have voted through the mail, but they are far fewer now, as Trump has repeatedly said, without any proof, that postal votes will be used for electoral fraud.

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