US President Donald Trump addressed women at an election rally in Michigan yesterday when he said he would help their husbands find work after the coronavirus crisis.

It is almost a week before the US presidential election. Trump has recently placed great emphasis on reaching out to women in the suburbs, but their votes played a large part in Trump’s victory in 2016.

Now, however, most indications are that these women have turned their backs on Trump and do not intend to vote for him in next Tuesday’s election.


“Your husbands, they want to go back to work, They want to go back to work. We will create jobs for your husbands, and everyone wants that.” The cure can never be worse than the problem itself,” Trump said at a meeting yesterday.

Trump loves women much more than men

Shortly before, he boasted of women’s support for him and said that they would vote for him because they want security and law and order.

“We will do a great job. I love women, I can not do that. They are the best. “I love them much more than men,” he said.

As stated in USA Today news Evidence shows that the coronary heart disease epidemic has affected women in the US labor market worse than men. Unemployment rates are higher among women than men and the number of daycare facilities for children has also decreased during the epidemic.

Labor statistics for September in the United States showed that 865 thousand women had left the labor market against 216 thousand men.

Trump’s promises to find jobs for women’s husbands were criticized on social media. Democrat and Michigan Senate Curtis Hertel asked if the president had forgotten he was running for office in the 21st century.

About two weeks ago, Trump begged women in the suburbs of Pennsylvania to vote at an election rally in the state.

“May I ask you a favor? Women in the suburbs, please contact me. Please. “I saved your damn neighborhoods, okay?” Trump said then.

In an interview with 60 Minutes over the weekend, Trump said he had been joking when he asked the women to treat them as well.

“Oh, I did not say that. You know this is so misleading… I say this jokingly: “Women in the suburbs, you should love me because I give you security,” Trump said in an interview with Lesley Stahl.

Biden exposed Trump’s relations with a fraudster

While Trump held his election rally in Michigan yesterday, Joe Biden, Democratic candidate, was in his election rally in Georgia.

Among other things, he vowed to become a president who would not divide the nation but unite it. Biden strongly criticized Trump for deciding people and inciting riots in the nation.

Biden likened the president to a fraudster and a populist and criticized, among other things, his reaction and behavior with the coronavirus pandemic.

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