Halloween 2020 – October 31, the inhabitants of the Earth will be able to see the Blue Moon

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This Saturday, October 31, many countries around the world will celebrate Halloween… But the weekend will be remarkable not only for this, because on Saturday the “Blue Moon” will rise above the Earth, reports USA Today….

The last time a Blue Moon on Halloween was seen in all time zones was in 1944. The next time such a coincidence is expected is 2039.

The Blue Moon is the second full moon in a calendar month. Full moons usually occur every 29 days, since there are either 30 or 31 days in a month, sometimes two full moons fall in one calendar month. Typically, the Blue Moon can be observed every 2.5 years.


As reported by CNN, the first full moon in October occurred on the first day of the month, it was also called the Harvest Moon. The second full moon is expected on the evening of October 31st.

It is also noted that the name “Blue Moon” does not mean at all that the Earth’s satellite will turn blue. It happens sometimes, though. This is possible due to particles of gas and dust in the Earth’s atmosphere, usually, their appearance is associated with a volcanic eruption. At the same time, most likely, on October 31, the Moon will be the usual white color.


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