Four days before the US presidential election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden is ahead of his Republican rival Donald Trump at the national level.

USA Today and Suffolk showed that Biden is ahead of Trump by 8 percent – 52% versus 44%.

Sociologists say nearly 6 in 10 Americans disapprove of Trump’s decision to keep holding large rallies during the pandemic, while nearly 64% approve of Biden’s decision to ditch major events in favor of much smaller rallies.

While the election result will ultimately be determined based on the statewide results that govern the Electoral College, Biden’s leadership nationwide is broader than that of any presidential candidate in more than two decades in the final days of the campaign.

Ahead of the final round of the Trump-Biden debate, a Gallup poll showed that 56% of Americans believe Trump does not deserve a second term. Historically, in the United States, all candidates with an approval rating of 50% or above won re-election, while presidents with an approval rating well below 50% lost.

It should be noted that Biden has the best ratings before the election than any contender for the presidency of the United States since 1936.

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