Jeffery Ross Gunter, the US Ambassador to Iceland, announced on his Twitter page today that the relocation of the US Embassy from Laufasvegur to new premises at Engjateig had gone smoothly. He thanked US President Donald Trump and other officials for their work on behalf of the Arctic. But it seems to be a farewell message to President Donald Trump.

“Open for Business! Seamless transition into the New US Embassy. Proud of US Embassy Iceland! Thank you to Donald Trump, Mike Pence & Mike Pompeo. Your engagement in the High North makes America & Iceland safe & free for generations to come,” the ambassador Guntur wrote [farewell message to Trump], posting a photo of himself with his thumb up.

Gunter has been the US ambassador to Iceland since last year but has been efficient in the spotlight ever since.

Biden’s increased popularity and mood of the American voters are depicted in many online polls by different news agencies. May be, Guntur knows that Biden is ahead of Trump in 4 days before the US presidential election.

Last night, Guntur accused Frettabladid newspaper of falsifying news coverage after their report on coronavirus disease at the embassy, ​​and the media was subsequently informed that an invitation to a meeting with US naval officers today had been revoked.

This summer, it also caused a stir when Guntur tweeted about the “invisible Chinese virus” and many people reacted badly to those comments. Icelanders responded to the ambassador on Twitter and said he was, among other things, an idiot and a racist. Subsequently, the United States in Iceland collected signatures and urged the Icelandic government to deport him.

Gunter has been an ambassador since 2019, but he was nominated by Donald Trump in 2018. Gunter is a big supporter of the president, but he himself was one of the leaders of the Jewish organization in the Republican Party. Looking at his message it seems he is saying “Goodbye Trump” in his farewell message. He is a dermatologist by training and comes from the state of California.

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