President of Argentian Alberto Fernandez pondered the victory from Joe Biden in the elections, in which the Democratic candidate was chosen as successor to Republican Donald Trump. The Argentine president said that he believes that it is “A change of era” and that for Latin America “it is very important because these last four years have been very difficult in the region’s relationship with the United States”.

The Argentinian president made these statements to the press on Saturday after arriving in La Paz, Bolivia, where he will participate in the inauguration ceremony of president-elect Luis Arce. Fernandez considered that the four years of Trump’s mandate “were not pleasant for Latin America” ​​and was hopeful that “a change will occur” in the relationship of the United States with the region with the new administration.

The President of Argentina had already highlighted Biden’s victory, in a message he wrote on Twitter: “I congratulate the American people on the record turnout in the elections, a clear expression of the popular will. I greet Joe Biden, the next president of the United States, and Kamala Harris, who will be the first female vice president of that country “.

Vice President of Argentina Cristina Kirchner also greeted the elected president from the United States, in a post on the same social network: “We finally got to know the will of the American people. Congratulations to Joe Biden, president-elect, and Kamala Harris, the first woman elected as vice president of the United States.”, wrote.

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