US Presidential Election Winner, Democratic Candidate Joe Biden addressed the nation, urging Americans to stop squabbling over the November 3 election results.

“I understand the disappointment of everyone who voted for President Trump (45th US President, Republican nominee). I myself have lost several times, but let’s give each other a chance. It’s time to abandon harsh rhetoric, reduce the degree of tension, start listening to each other, and stop treating our opponents as enemies,” Biden is quoted as saying by CNN…

In his speech, the winner of the election referred to the Bible, noting that for America “now is the time for healing.” And he pledged to become president of all Americans, including Donald Trump’s 70 million voters who voted for his re-election.

“I promise to be president, striving not to divide, but to unite,” —Biden assured.

On Monday, November 9, Biden plans to name a team of scientists who will develop a transitional plan to recover the United States from the effects of COVID-19. During the speech, everyone on the stage was wearing protective masks, Biden was not.

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