It could be difficult for any other Republican candidate to run for office because of Trump’s strong support within the party.

Marco Rubio has been named as the possible face of the party and Trump’s successor within it.

He’s going to have a hard time getting support without actually talking to Trump fans. Who are voting for the Republican Party, not just because they support its cause, but because they make the effort to vote because they do admire Trump? If someone manages to take that torch, it’s not good to say.


Does “Trumpism” exist?

The question is whether there is a so-called “Trumpism “. Trumpism is considered to be an unwavering belief in Donald Trump and his methodology . Just like there is Modiism in India .

To what extent? is it just about his persona or to what extent is he expressing a policy that has widespread support?

Trump has reached out to many in his election campaign.

“It will not be taken away from him and what characterizes his election campaign or electoral behavior – is that he succeeds very well in getting his voters and fans to come to the polls. Certainly, many people have voted in these two elections in 2016 and 2020 who have not voted before.”

The election campaign in the United States is largely about getting people to the polls.

“It often makes very little difference, so it’s about getting people to vote, and both parties did very well.”

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