Joe Biden, the future president of the United States, intends to make it a priority after he takes office to control the epidemic of the coronavirus in the country. Today, he is expected to announce a twelve-member action committee that will be made to deal with the matter.

As reported on the BBC website, Among other things, sampling will be increased and people will be encouraged to use face masks more than they are now.

Donald Trump has not yet admitted his defeat in the battle for the White House, despite the fact that the country’s largest media have reported on each other over the weekend that Biden would have been better.


Although it has no administrative significance, it has long been a tradition for the loser of the election, after declaring who will win the election, to concede defeat. Trump, however, has not commented on such a thing.

Despite Trump’s position, Biden and his team have begun preparations for his first job as president. In addition to the fight against the corona virus, it is believed that among Biden’s first works, he will have to sign several presidential directives that will reverse Trump’s controversial decisions.

According to external media, Biden intends to re-commit the United States under the so-called Paris Agreement.

The agreement dates from 2015 and stipulates countries’ commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The United States withdrew from the agreement last Wednesday, the day after the presidential election, in accordance with Trump’s decision.

Biden also intends to reverse Trump’s decision to withdraw the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO). Biden plans to end Trump’s travel ban on people from several Muslim-majority states .

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