Biden’s team begins preparations for the transfer of power in the White House shortly after the Democrat was declared the winner of the US presidential election. America began to celebrate the beginning of a new era, writes The Economist…

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson congratulated Biden and future Vice President Kamala Harris on their victory. French President Emmanuel Macron and many other world leaders also joined in the congratulations.

Whereas Biden’s rival, Donald Trump, on the contrary, made a rather predictable statement, accusing Biden of having unjustly stolen the victory from him, and warned that he was demanding a recount because the elections were rigged.


However, none of these accusations are based on real evidence, and the more Trump insists on electoral fraud, the less realistic his statements seem.

Whether he likes it or not, the presidential transition of power is actually underway. Whether Trump can stop the transition to Joe Biden depends on how influential he remains and how successful his desperate lawsuits are.

Until 1933, the transfer of power after the announcement of the winner of the US elections lasted about five months; now, the transfer of power to the new president of the United States is about 11 weeks. The Presidential Transfer Act, which Congress passed in 1963, stipulates that each federal agency must appoint a transition planning officer prior to elections.

The law also requires the current presidential administration to report to the new administration about threats to national security and covert military operations. There is an active interaction between the two presidential administrations, and employees of the National Security Council usually write memos for the administration of the new president. National security seems to be one of the areas where Trump can do the least damage.

The Trump campaign has filed many lawsuits, some of which have already failed, and it is likely that none of these lawsuits will affect the election result in any way.

But the Trump administration can still hurt during the transition. As a rule, the president and first lady greet their colleagues, who came to their place about a week after the elections, however, no one would be surprised if Donald and Melania Trump did not.

For Biden, most of the time before his inauguration will be devoted to making decisions on his cabinet and other political appointments – although, given the need to interact with the Senate, his “leeway” may be somewhat limited.

Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell has already promised to “block” any political appointments if he “doesn’t like” them.

However, even if Biden got the freedom of action regarding his own political appointments, he most likely would not fill his administration with only “hard left democrats”, because he promised to be a president who “unites the country, not dividing it”, about this he said in his speech.

Former American President Barack Obama also had similar views when he became the new leader of the United States, while Donald Trump did virtually the opposite things.

Biden will become a moderate president with a focus on unity and progress. America has usually been a leading country and a democratic example for the rest of the world. But after four years of chaos and incompetence, everything changed. Biden’s presidency could be a chance for a “revival” of the United States, sums up the magazine.

On the evening of November 7, a number of TV channels announced the victory of Joe Biden, who, together with Pennsylvania, received 273 electoral votes.

World leaders send congratulations to Biden and future vice president Kamala Harris. With Biden’s election victory, also congratulated the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyyy and the head of the President’s Office Andriy Yermak.

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