Democrat Joe Biden’s team begins the process of forming a new administration… Republican Donald Trump will remain in the post of US President formally until January 20, until he transfers power to his successor, and then joins the “elite club of former US presidents,” writes BBC…

So what will happen to Donald Trump after leaving the White House? He could start writing memoirs, or start planning for the presidential library. Former US presidents, including Jimmy Carter, took up humanitarian affairs, and George W. Bush began painting.

But Trump has never been a traditional politician.

“Donald Trump has violated many norms as president. There is no reason to think that Donald Trump will act like any former president we have ever seen,” says Tim Calkins, professor of marketing at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management.


Here are some future scenarios for Donald Trump.

He can run again for the presidency of the United States.

Losing the 2020 US elections does not mean the end of Trump’s political ambitions – he may well try to win a new presidential election, as former American leader Grover Cleveland did at one time.

Cleveland is the only US president to leave the White House and return four years later to become an American leader again.

Former Republican aides suggest Trump may run again.

“I would definitely put him on the list of people likely to run in 2024,” former Trump team member Mick Mulwani recently said.

Trump is clearly in love with rallies, and he garnered 71.5 million votes in the election, demonstrating a significant base of support among the American public.

“He will leave the presidency as controversial and scandalous as he came to the post of the American leader,” says Professor Calkins.

There are also suggestions that President Trump’s eldest son is interested in running for the top office in the United States.

Trump will start “saving his business empire.”

Before becoming a politician, Trump was a real estate tycoon, reality TV star, and bearer of his own brand, using his name to make lucrative deals. Trump may again become interested in the “world of business” and continue where he left off four years ago.

The Trump Organization has numerous hotels and golf courses. There are Trump-branded properties in Mumbai, Istanbul, the Philippines – and of course Washington, DC, as well as golf courses in the US, UK, Dubai, and Indonesia.

But if Trump plans to become a businessman again, he has a lot of work ahead of him. Several areas of his business, which are engaged in tourism and the service sector, have been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic. Also, not so long ago, information was published that Trump did not pay taxes for a long time. However, the Trump Organization and Trump himself have denied the veracity of this report.

Professor Calkins believes that President Trump is good at “maintaining his own brand” and that his business empire has remained strong enough, but has changed as a result of his political career.

“Trump’s controversial political career could make his business brand less attractive to collaborate. However, now if you’re going to have a wedding at a Trump hotel, it has a different implication than it did before he took office,” says the professor.

Trump’s daughter Ivanka has faced some challenges in her business after taking on the role of senior advisor to the White House.

Trump’s sons, Eric and Donald Jr., “followed” the Trump Organization during their father’s presidency, but they were also deeply involved in Donald Trump’s political career.

“One of the things they will all think about is what is most beneficial for the family,” says Professor Calkins.

Trump could become a media mogul.

President Trump is no stranger to television after working on the reality show The Apprentice. Therefore, it can be assumed that he will try to plunge into the media space by creating his own television channel, or he will start cooperating with the Republican television network. He will definitely have his own audience.

He would be an interesting “TV character” because he knows how to create scandalous and controversial situations that would attract the attention of viewers.

Trump can also start writing books or memoirs, which would also be a lucrative business. For example, George W. Bush received an advance of ten million dollars for his memoirs. Barack Obama has signed a multi-million dollar deal with Netflix.

“Post-presidential pension”.

Trump will receive a presidential pension and many other benefits when he leaves office.

The Former US Presidents Act, passed in 1958, provides for benefits, including an annual pension, which was $ 207,800 in 2017.

Former presidents are also eligible for life-long protection for the American secret services and receive medical treatment payments. So Trump, now 74, could safely retire.

He can do charity work, create his own presidential library, and spend his free time playing golf.

But Professor Calkins does not see a “quiet life” as a possible scenario for someone who loves being too much in the spotlight.

Trump even said in October that the disappointment of losing the election could force him to leave the United States. One way or another, Trump “as a person” will most likely not disappear anywhere, and his name will often continue to be in the spotlight, the BBC concludes.


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