US President Donald Trump felt that he would lose to former Vice President Joe Biden in the presidential election, this is what prompted him to make a scandalous call to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, writes CNN. In particular, we are talking about the conversation between Trump and Zelensky, during which the American president tried to put pressure on the head of the Ukrainian state so that he would find “compromising evidence” on Biden’s son Hunter.

The head of the White House hinted that Washington is doing a lot for Kiev, so it would be nice if Kiev helped to dig up some dirt on Biden and his son.


The publication writes that already from this conversation it was clear that Trump was afraid of meeting with Biden in the election race and was trying to denigrate him. Already during the conversation with Zelensky, he knew that Biden would run in the presidential elections and that he was his most serious opponent.

We will remind, during a telephone conversation in 2019, the President of the United States put pressure on the President of Ukraine, insisting on an investigation into Joe Biden, then still a likely Democratic presidential candidate, and his son Hunter. AND Trump’s entourage tried to block the transcript of the conversation by placing it in a repository of information on covert intelligence operations.

It is also reported that Trump’s lawyer Rudolph Giuliani privately contacted the then head of the President’s Office, Andrei Bogdan, and the then acting head of the SBU Ivan Bakanov, and also flew to Madrid to meet with Zelensky’s assistant Andrei Yermak.

On September 25, on the day of the meeting of Vladimir Zelensky with Donald Trump in New York, the White House unveiled a transcript of their July telephone conversation.

The Ministry of Justice examined the document and did not found signs of federal law violations in Trump’s words…

However, this did not convince representatives of the Democratic Party in the lower house of Congress of the need to abandon the idea of ​​impeachment…

The US Senate fully acquitted Donald Trump in the impeachment process on Wednesday, February 5. In the Senate, 53 senators represent the Republican Party, 45 – the Democratic, and two more senators position themselves as independent but are in opposition to the Republicans, so the results of impeachment were predictable.


During the voting, senators refused to find Trump guilty on both counts of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Trump became the third president of the United States after Andrew Johnson (1868) and Bill Clinton (1999), who was impeached in the House of Representatives but acquitted in the Senate. Now Trump has the opportunity to concentrate on the campaign.