Biden rode a bike and Trump drove a party rally

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The president-elect of the United States, Joe Biden, went for a bike ride near his home in the state of Delaware today, while his defeated adversary, the current president Donald Trump, participated from his armored limousine in a march of supporters that, at the like the magnate, they do not recognize the electoral result.

Biden, who turns 78 next week, took a bike ride around his vacation home in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, while Trump went through party rallies as he rode from the White House to a private club to play. Golf.

The vehicle carrying the head of the White House slowly traveled around the Freedom Plaza in Washington, the scene of the demonstration, and the president could be seen waving through the armored glass, according to the Europa Press news agency.


To the cry of “United States! United States!” and “Four more years! Hundreds of protesters received the ruler and several of them chased the vehicle with the purpose of taking a picture.

His visit was expected, as Trump had announced yesterday that he would probably visit the demonstration.

A week after Biden’s victory in the elections of November 3 was known, the MAGA March (“Let’s make America great again”, Trump’s motto in his two electoral campaigns) of the Million toured the thirty blocks that separate the headquarters of the Supreme Court from Freedom Plaza to claim the re-election of the Republican and denounce a massive electoral fraud, despite the lack of evidence in this regard.

The demonstration was called by groups of various kinds, including the Stop the Robbery DC platform and far-right groups such as Proud Boys (Proud Boys) or Oath Keepers (The Guardians of the Oath).

Shortly after his appearance, Trump published a series of messages on his Twitter account in which he criticized the lack of media coverage of the march and again assured that “we will win” the election.

“Fox News and the fake news networks do not show these mass rallies. Instead, they have their reporters on almost empty streets,” he said, adding later: “Hundreds of thousands of people show their support in Washington. They will not accept an election! tangled and corrupt. ”

Among the MAGA attendees, many waved the Trump 2020 campaign flags and others held banners reading “Best President Ever” or “Stop Theft.”

“This election was stolen from us,” Courtney Holland, a conservative activist from Nevada, shouted to the crowd, quoted by Fox News.

“Stop the robbery! Stop the robbery!” He began to sing.

Also, Darion Schaublin, a 26-year-old young man who traveled more than six hours from Ohio, expressed his doubts about the “legitimacy” of the electoral result and denounced a “completely rigged system” and “manipulation of the media,” reported the AFP news agency.

An opinion shared by Margarita Urtubey, a 49-year-old horse breeder of Uruguayan origin from Florida, who considered that “Trump won the presidential elections with a margin.”

“Everyone knows it. But he is against the media, the tech giants, and corruption is horrible,” he said.

Likewise, near the Freedom Plaza, another demonstration opposed to that of Trump’s supporters were taking place, called “Fucking (damn) MAGA.”

While no serious incidents were reported, there were some tense moments when anti-Trump protesters chanted to Trump’s supporters “You lost, you lost!”

Despite repeated allegations of irregularities by the Republican president, several federal agencies this week rejected his accusations outright.


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