Brad Raffensperger, Georgia’s secretary of state in the United States, says other Republicans have put a lot of pressure on him recently. The goal is to get him to find ways to exclude legal votes from counting with the goal of reversing the narrow loss of President Donald Trump in the state.

Joe Biden won the state with about 14 thousand votes after the first count. The results are being reviewed again. Raffensperger says that, among other things, both he and his wife received death threats. One of them in a message that read: “It’s good that you do not mess up this recount. Your life depends on it. ”

According to Raffensperger’s interview with the Washington Post, among those who put pressure on him were Lindsey Graham, a senator and a staunch supporter of Trump, and Congressman Doug Collins, who seems to be leading Trump’s efforts to convince people that he was cheated in the election.
Raffensperger calls Collins a “liar” and a “plumber” in the interview. He has likewise done it on Facebook.

Collins has sharply criticized Raffensperger for not better supporting Republican allegations of electoral fraud, saying he has lied to Democrats.


The Minister of the Interior has said that all allegations of electoral fraud should be investigated. Now, however, the situation is that no credible allegation of the kind and scale that would have affected the election results has come to light.

He says he is angry over the constant and meaningless accusations made by Trump members regarding the election in Georgia. Among them is the accusation that Dominion Voting Systems, a Colorado-based voting machine company, is a left-leaning company with ties to Venezuela and that its staff has made sure that thousands of votes for Trump have not been counted. Raffensperger says he is convinced that the recount will show that the original results were correct. Several reports have already yielded results that are exactly the same as last time.

“I am an engineer. We look at numbers. We look at data. I can not pretend that a failed politician like Doug Collins is running around lying to everyone. He’s a liar,” said Raffensperger. Collins made a failed attempt to win a seat in the Senate in the recent election. His spokesman referred to the MP’s tweet when a Washington Post reporter sought his reaction.

In the tweet, Colins says that Raffensperger is incompetent in his work.

Asked if he could prevent the counting of votes

In an interview with the Washington Post, Raffensperger also says that Graham called him on Friday and asked about the law regarding the signatures of by-election ballots. Whether the political views of Raffensperger’s staff could have led them to accept ballots where signatures did not match perfectly and whether he, as Minister of the Interior, could have prevented the counting of all such ballots.

It has long been clear that Democrat voters and Joe Bidens were more likely to vote by ballot and then more likely to vote by mail.

Raffenspergers said he was very surprised that Graham seemed to suggest that he prevent the counting of legal votes. He could not do so without a court order.

“It certainly looked like he was asking for it,” Reffensperger said.

Graham says that has not been his goal. The South Carolina senator only wanted to learn how signatures are confirmed.

Trump parties have filed a lawsuit demanding that the signatures on the ballot papers and ballot papers be compared. Reffensperger says he will fight against it, as it would reveal what certain people voted for and the secrecy of votes is a sacred part of democratic elections.


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