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Biden says Trump’s opposition could lead to deaths

Joe Biden, the future President of the United States warned last night, according to a BBC report, that people could die if the outgoing President Donald Trump does not resign and cooperates with Biden and his team, but Biden will formally take over the reins in January next year.

Trump has yet to acknowledge his defeat and has refused to work with Biden’s people as usual, as there are many angles to look at. In a speech in Delaware last night, Biden emphasized that cooperation between the parties is extremely important.

The coronavirus epidemic is playing a big role, and Biden fears that the United States will lag behind other nations when it comes to distributing vaccines if there is no consensus between him and Trump on how to do it.

Biden harshly criticized the president, saying his position was completely irresponsible. He added, however, that the situation is primarily embarrassing for the United States, rather than that it restrained him in its preparations.

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