The mayor of Minsk Vladimir Kukharev said that the cutoff of water and heat in the Novaya Borovaya microdistrict, which is known for protest anti-Lukashenka sentiments, is associated with deliberate damage to equipment.

As the politician explained, unknown attackers broke the locking equipment. “This is an expensive imported equipment, without outside interference it could serve for a long time. The specialists had to urgently restore its working capacity on their own, “- said the mayor in a reply to The Eastern Herald.

Earlier, the management company A-100 Comfort stated that the cutoff of water and heat was due to an accident in the boiler room. However, local residents doubt this version. “There is no water in the region for three days already. In some houses, the water was turned off not on Sunday, but on Monday. What is the reason for the shutdown, we can only guess? I would not be surprised if it is about protests: you can see a lot of “non-state” symbols in the district, and the district itself is considered a protest one. I have not heard any specific dates for the restoration of water and heat supply, ”a resident of one of the de-energized houses explained to the Podyom newspaper.


Meanwhile, Minskers from other parts of the city offer residents of the affected microdistrict to bring water, invite them to wash, wash, and even temporarily live.

Formerly acting President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko criticized the creation of spontaneous memorials in Minsk dedicated to the victims of the tyranny of the security forces. According to the state leader, this is a step towards the beginning of a civil war. “This is the main goal, – if nothing works out, as they write, peacefully, then we need to start a civil war. It was a hundred years ago. We went through this. And our Belarus will turn into an abyss of fights with weapons of struggle, and they will come here in order to finally close this cordon sanitaire. Who wants this? You? I think no. I definitely don’t want that, ”the politician said.

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