Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani said the elections will be annulled

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President Trump’s attorney, Rudy Giuliani, insisted on Sunday that the presidential election would be “annulled,” claiming he had “proof” that “corrupt machines” had removed millions of votes for Trump, but could not share it.

In an interview on Fox News’ “Sunday Morning Futures”, the former mayor of the Big Apple, who was recently chosen to lead Trump’s post-election legal fight after his predecessor contracted COVID-19, claimed that the president had actually won the key swing. states that were summoned by Joe Biden.


“In each of those states, we have more than enough illegal ballots already documented to override the result in that state,” Giuliani said, wrongly claiming that the vote by mail was invalid because Republicans had not been allowed to observe the count. .

“They didn’t allow Republicans in those key places to watch the vote by mail. That makes voting by mail completely invalid, ”he told presenter Maria Bartiromo.

Trump’s reelection campaign has filed a number of lawsuits challenging the counting of votes in warring states, but some of those cases have already been thrown out by judges who ruled his fraud allegations were unfounded or “hearsay.”

A recount would also have to exceed Biden’s 65,000-vote lead in Pennsylvania or the 146,000-vote lead in Michigan, for example, to undo the election result.

Trump’s legal team threw in the towel in an Arizona lawsuit on Friday, acknowledging that he would not surpass Biden in the Grand Canyon state.

However, Giuliani claimed the campaign had enough affidavits from witnesses who reportedly saw fraud to nullify hundreds of thousands of votes for Trump.


“We already have enough affidavits from people who were kicked out of being able to observe, so in each of those states that he narrowly lost, he won those states probably 2-3 percent,” he told Bartiromo.

Trump and his allies have continued to push for widespread fraud accusations. The Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the federal agency that oversees US electoral security, said the election was “the safest in US history.”

The president’s claim is that Dominion Voting Systems, a Canadian voting software company that provided machines used in 28 states, removed or changed Trump’s votes.

The company has denied the claim, which has also been discredited by the Associated Press and The New York Times.