The Israel Defense Forces has begun preparations for a possible US strike on Iran. About this on Wednesday. Axios news portal reported on Nov. 25, citing senior officials of the Jewish state.

The portal’s informants believe that a blow to the Islamic republic could be delivered before Donald Trump leaves office. “The Israeli government has instructed the Israel Defense Forces to make preparations, not because of any intelligence or estimates that Trump will order such a strike, but because senior Israeli officials are expecting a” very sensitive period “before Biden’s inauguration on January 20.” says the message.

At the same time, the portal specified that the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) is preparing for a retaliatory strike from Iran, which can be inflicted both directly by the Iranian military and their proxies in Syria, Lebanon and Gaza.


Israeli observers noted that The New York Times reported last week that Trump had proposed considering a military strike on Iran’s Natanz uranium enrichment facility. “Trump seemed convinced that a direct strike on Iran would be too risky, but he considered other options,” the American newspaper reported.

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