The Philadelphia Court of Appeals has dismissed a lawsuit filed by US President Donald Trump’s lawyers with the aim of changing the outcome of the Pennsylvania presidential election.

Three judges, all appointed by Republicans and one appointed by Trump himself, made the decision unanimously.

Stephanos Bibas, a judge appointed by Trump, wrote in the ruling that allegations of election unfairness were serious. To claim that elections were unfair did not automatically make them unfair. Trump members would have to prove their allegations, which the judge said were unclear, and they would not have done so.

He described the case as meaningless.

During the trial, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s lawyer, stated that there had been widespread electoral fraud in Pennsylvania, but did not present any evidence in court. The lawsuit alleges that Republicans were biased in certain areas of Pennsylvania that allowed voters to correct ballot paper errors and prevent them from being invalid.

The judges also refused to stop the confirmation of the results of the election in Pennsylvania, which was held on Tuesday. Joe Biden won the state according to official figures with more than 80 thousand votes.

Trump’s lawyers and his allies have filed a number of lawsuits in six states over the election, but those cases have received little response from judges. The vast majority of them have been dismissed.

Jenna Ellis, one of Trump’s attorneys, said the next step was to appeal to the US Supreme Court. She described the three judges in Pennsylvania as activists. Giuliani, however, said afterward that the next steps were being considered.

Trump has said he hopes the Supreme Court will intervene in the election, as was done in 2000. The judges ruled that the recount should be stopped and that George W. Bush would become president and not Al Gore.

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