Many teenagers during this period have a problem communicating with their parents. Both because of puberty, and because of some new situations in which they find themselves. Older elementary and high school students will not admit to their parents that they had their first sexual intercourse until they realized it themselves.

In this way, they want to avoid unnecessary adult questions, to which they usually do not have an answer, as well as the expected criticism and concern, explains psychologist George Adams, and one scientific study showed that the list of what teenagers keep quiet about is fun and fun. of an unknown society.

–  It is in the nature of teenagers to keep silent about everything that could cause adults to suspect that they are doing something they would not like. That is why moms and dads must position themselves wisely because if they act as inspectors, the lies will only double – Adams added.

The research also showed that in 90 percent of cases, adolescents will not report that they have tried cigarettes, while in 70 percent they will not admit that they have bad grades, but will wait for their parents to find out for themselves.

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