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A new era of marketing was born with the introduction of digital media marketing. Today, the majority of organizations prefer digital media marketing as their primary option to reach out to their target audience.

With time, it has served numerous organizations benefiting them with an effective outcome. Another major reason why digital marketing is preferred by the organization as it involves minimal cost. With the help of digital media marketing, people have a platform for all the departments that they want to advertise— including marketing, sales, commerce, and other services. As the demand for digital marketing is increasing day by day, there are a lot of firms which provide the best of these strategies in the market. Amongst these top-notch firms, the most convenient choice to work with is Grandiose Digital Media (GDM).

The driving forces of the digital marketing media industry are the smart, highly creative, strategy-driven ideas and these indeed help GDM to attain new customers and new heights. The company started by doing PR for a small number of clients and as the number of clients increased.

The company provides the best-known marketing strategies for digital marketing. Along with this, it also develops websites and accelerates the development of mobile & web-based apps with on-demand developers. This focuses on moving the client’s business forward and in the way s/he wants.

Tackling the Obstacles, Mohammed Huzaifa, CEO of Grandiose Digital Media explains the theory

Irrespective of the situation, Mohammed Huzaifa, CEO and Founder of Grandiose Digital Media focuses on complying with the clients’ needs to help them achieve their goals.

Mohammed Huzaifa, who has been working in the digital media marketing and PR field for the past 6 years is now also connected with some of the big names in the industry.

“I just want to ensure that the economy grows at a faster pace than before, we are working hard on our services to make sure that all businesses and influencers get what they need; whether it’s E-commerce sales or online reputation management.” – Mohammed Huzaifa.

Pandemic has pushed the world to accept the new norms of working. Today, the world is gradually adopting the work from home concept. It is no longer an option but it has become part of the day-to-day business. At present, there are a lot of people who are working from home, they will continue to do so because of the pandemic. Besides, because of this situation, outdoor advertising and putting up billboards is somewhat difficult. Also, these sources of advertising are quite expensive and cost a lot to companies.

But if about 45 percent of these estimated budgets are invested in the PR and digital marketing firms, then branding and advertising of the respective company can be achieved to a greater extent. This indirectly helps the small and mid-size enterprises to gain a larger public.

The Pandemic effect

Strategy and Consulting, and Mobile App Development. Consequently, as the clients have put their PR relations on hold, the company was facing a stagnant situation and the experts were uncertain whether the situation will get back to normal. However, Grandiose Digital Media has overcome all these obstacles by shifting its services to a virtual platform. As the number of influencers is rising, GDM helps these influencers in achieving what they desire by proving the presence of these influencers online. The company’s approach towards the business before the pandemic and after the pandemic has altered.

One such change was in its hiring approach, where it gave preference to freelancers who can work from home at the ease of their comfort. Being in the persuasion business, Grandiose Digital Media has faced several challenging situations and it has overcome them to be placed as one of the leading marketing firms. Since the pandemic, the global market witnessed a slowdown in several businesses, the adverse effect was also seen in the PR and media industry. COVID-19 has shifted the marketing business from an offline mode to an online mode along with the communication. Due to the pandemic, the product launches and other promotional or media events where PR teams play an important role are also impacted.

What is Grandiose Digital Media?

Grandiose Digital Media is a PR platform that assists people and businesses to grow their reach and build contacts. The company mainly focuses on storytelling which then helps the clients like social media influencers, business people, entrepreneurs, and startups to engage on the platform that suits best for their needs and give influential results. This means that the company has to break through the traditional service lines to integrate with social media, digital media, content marketing, digital publishing, advertising and promotions, Press Releases, Public Relations, corporate reputation management, Online Reputation Management, and public affairs into the required solutions.

Grandiose Digital Media offers a wide range of services which are assisting in driving the clients’ business towards success. The elite firm leverages high-class tools to provide innovation and creativity. Likewise, it also offers world-class marketing services and deploys such mechanisms to enhance the productivity of its customers’ business. These wide-ranging bouquets of services include PR for the influencers, Branded Content, Communications Planning, Content Creation, Content Marketing, Corporate Communications, Digital Marketing, and marketing services. Along with this, it also excels in providing organic Social Media, Public Affairs, Public Relations, expanded to the business it is, today.

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