Traditionally, mainstream media in the United States is champion in twisting information or presenting half-truth or even lies to the audience. Immediately after the coronavirus spread throughout the world, mainstream media in the US and India began competing with its rogue culture of bad journalism by falsely accusing China as the “manufacturer and spreader” of the virus. Being misled, a large section of the American and Indian people had joined this nefarious propaganda, which had later turned into an ugly attempt of spreading hatred against China amongst their own societies as well as the international community. But soon, all of this false propagandas had fallen flat, when the researchers around the world, including those in the US, had to endorse, accusing China as the manufacturer of coronavirus was a damn lie. Few of the researchers even had unearthed the trace of coronavirus in Britain weeks before it had hit China.

Similarly, in the very recent time, US media has been caught in twisting facts or even playing the role of appeasers of radical Islamic terrorism.


When French President Emmanuel Macron committed to defending secularism against radical Islamic terrorism, adding that a new law would be presented by the end of 2020, US mainstream media came up with a twisted report titled ‘over the world’. Through this twisted report, US media had made a clear attempt at justifying the recent terrorist attacks in France as well as some of the other European nations.

That speech was the starting point of a hate campaign against France from the usual suspects: the jihadists, the Islamists, most Muslim nations, and the American liberal media. The two U.S. media outlets that have led a dishonest all-out campaign against France are the New York Times and the Washington Post.

In the latest incident, Karen Attiah, the Post‘s Global Opinions Editor, was spreading lies when she tweeted on Nov. 21 about Macron: “Now, he’s wants to give Muslim kids ID numbers to go to school.” She was implying that only Muslim children would have to be issued an ID in France.

Attiah’s uber-victimization of Muslims and their presumed systematic oppression in France proven by such an incident mirrors Islamist propaganda that France is an Islamophobic country. Such depiction has led to five terror attacks in both France and abroad over six weeks. Attiah, by fueling the fire, had de facto endorsed the Islamist view that is only radicalizing a portion of the Muslim population and push jihadists to carry terror attacks.


Although Karen Attiah deleted the tweet but insisted that France was very much an Islamophobic country, saying, “To act like Macron isn’t stoking Islamophobia is simply folly.”

French President Macron complained to the Times about its coverage of the terror attacks in France. He criticized the paper for its lack of solidarity with France, notably because of its first title after the assassination of teacher Samuel Paty. The newspaper’s headline was: “French police shoot man after a deadly knife attack.” The title was changed quickly enough, but it left its mark. Then Macron told Times media writer Ben Smith that his newspaper suggested that France was an Islamophobic and racist country and that these articles thus “legitimized the violence of which France is a victim.”


Competing with the Washington Post, the New York Times referred to an Islamic State terrorist who killed three people at the Nice Basilica, as merely “a man with a knife” and the “assailant,” even after French authorities labeled it a terrorist attack. The Times’ slanted coverage continued with news articles such as, “After Terror Attacks, Muslims Wonder About Their Place in France.”

Similarly, while writing about radical Islamic terrorists in northwest China, most of the US media would indulge in wrongly blaming Beijing rather than the jihadists.

According to several independent and anti-jihadist media, the liberal American media that has turned into the vehicle of the Islamo-Leftism crowd is joining the likes of al-Qaida and Islamic State by publishing twisted and biased news and commentaries.

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