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In a major road accident held on December 13 evening at Sapekhati of Sonari under Charaidau district, Assam two died on the spot.

According to the sources, a speedy black Scorpio hit a person. The other was riding a bicycle on the road whom the Scorpio hit.

The collision was so strong that the bicycle rider died on the spot. The name of the dead person, the bicycle rider, was Sunil Byuti of Sapekhati.

Right after the collision the speedy killer black Scorpio vehicle moved quickly and again forcefully collided with another person who was riding a motorcycle on the same road. This collision took the life of this bike rider too. The name of the motorcycle rider who died is Rajat Baruah of Bihubor Tini Ali.

The dead Rajat Baruah was a teacher of that locality. The killer black Scorpio vehicle was unable to be identified and ran quickly from the spot on the way to Arunachal Pradesh.

The concerned police officials took over the dead bodies and registered a case to further investigate the matter.

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