Telecommunication companies such as Globe and Smart have been able to improve their service after the warning of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte.

“So far, based on third-party audits and testing them, their service has improved. There has been an improvement, ”said National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) Chief Gamaliel Cordoba.

If you remember President Duterte’s State of the Nation Address or SONA in July, it warned Telcos (Telecom Companies) to shut them down if it did not improve their service, particularly internet connectivity.

According to Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque, it is time to urge Telcos to increase their service to the people, especially during the pandemic. This is because most digital technology depends on the work from home policy of some agencies and companies.

According to Cordoba, President Duterte’s help was a huge thing when he ordered the LGUs to issue permits immediately.

Due to the chief executive’s warnings to LGUs, the issuance of permits increased by 600 percent due to the political will of the president.

It will be noted that Malacañang invited the representatives of the Telco players to the News Conference to announce their report after President Duterte’s latest SONA.

These include Ernest Cu for Globe Telecom, Al Panlilio for Smart Communications, Adel Tamano for DITO Telecommunity, and Jesus Romero for Converge ICT Solutions.

Commissioner Cordoba, on the other hand, based his statement on improving the telco’s service with the findings of the Ookla Speedtest Global Index and the 100 million tests they conducted in the Philippines since the beginning of 2020.

The NTC chief further stated that as of November, a month before President Duterte’s deadline for telcos, the country’s fixed download speed was 28.69 Mbps, higher than 25.07 Mbps in July.

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