Erdogan onTurkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that Ankara looks forward to Washington’s support in its struggle against terrorist organizations instead of imposing sanctions.

This came in a speech after chairing a government meeting in the Presidential Complex in Ankara on Monday.

Erdogan added, “We look to the United States, our NATO ally, to support our struggle against terrorist organizations and forces that have ambitions in our region instead of imposing sanctions on us.”


He also pointed out that Turkey is waiting for the European Union to fulfill its promise, which has been delayed for years, regarding full membership and not imposing sanctions on it.

President Erdogan expressed his regret at the escalation of the language of threat to impose sanctions on Turkey by Washington and the European Union and to take steps in this regard recently.

Erdogan stressed that Turkey does not seek tension or conflict, either with its neighbors or any other country.

He added, “Our struggle is to establish peace, prosperity and prosperity in our region and the world, but this does not mean that we will remain silent about the attempts to violate our rights and our sovereignty.”

He pointed out that Turkey is carrying out multidimensional actions in this context, in a wide area from Libya to the eastern Mediterranean and from Syria to the Caucasus.

He added that Turkey is working for the establishment of justice wherever there is injustice and illegal practices.

“Our flag has come to symbolize the struggle for freedom, justice, and law in various parts of the world, from Gaza to Arakan and from the Balkans to Karabakh,” Erdogan said.

He pointed out that what happened in the Karabakh region showed the importance of this firm position to Turkey.

He continued, saying, “Turkey stood with its Azerbaijani brothers at a historical juncture, just as the Islamic Caucasus Army under Nuri Pasha did a century ago.”

President Erdogan stressed the importance of Azerbaijan’s victory over Armenia in the Karabakh region and the restoration of its occupied lands.

He said, “Karabakh is no longer a frozen struggle, but rather a glorious victory for truth over falsehood.”

And he added, “With the liberation of Karabakh, the doors of a new era have opened in the Caucasus and from now on, a new situation will be established in the region based on peace instead of conflict.”

President Erdogan once again expressed his congratulations to the Azerbaijani Turks on the liberation of their lands from the Armenian occupation.

He added, “I invite the countries of the region, in particular, to share with our Azerbaijani brothers their happiness by ending the 30-year occupation, instead of being disturbed by this victory.”