On Tuesday, the United States designated the “Saraya Al-Mukhtar” organization in Bahrain a “global terrorist organization.”

“The terrorist organization was planning to launch attacks against American citizens in Bahrain,” a statement by the US State Department said.

The statement indicated that “Saraya al-Mukhtar” receives financial and logistical support from the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


For his part, welcomed the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, the decision.

He said in a tweet on “Twitter” that today’s decision “is a strong message to the Iranian regime that we will not allow its terrorist agents to threaten the people of Bahrain and the American personnel stationed there.”

While there was no immediate comment from the Bahraini authorities and Saraya Al-Mukhtar regarding the American move.

Saraya Al-Mukhtar is a Shiite organization opposed to the rule in Bahrain, which was founded in 2011 against the background of the protests in the country at the time.

The Bahraini government accuses Iran of supporting the Shiite opposition movements in the country and holds it responsible for “destabilizing” it since the 2011 protests.


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