The security forces dispersed a column of protesters in Minsk.

In the afternoon, a column of protesters formed in the Hrushevka microdistrict, who walked through the courtyards and shouted opposition slogans, carrying white-red-white symbols. In the course of the procession, new people joined them. However, soon law enforcement officers arrived in the microdistrict on several buses. The protesters partially fled into the courtyards, but there are also detainees – at least a few people.

The police of the Belarusian capital confirmed the information about the arrests, reports The Eastern Herald source.


Earlier, opposition telegram channels called on the inhabitants of Minsk to come to an unauthorized mass event on Sunday – the “march of the people’s tribunal”.

In recent weeks, participants in rallies in Belarus have ceased to gather on the central streets; the actions are now being held in a local “courtyard” format. The Minsk police called on citizens and guests of the city “not to succumb to provocations in various social networks and messengers”, which call for protests.

After the presidential elections in Belarus on August 9, protest rallies are still going on in the country. The most ambitious are held on Sundays. This morning the special equipment of the security forces left the bases on the outskirts of Minsk and dispersed in the neighborhoods.


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