Belgium’s minister, Eva De Bleeker published a tweet on Twitter exposing the price list of different COVID-19 vaccines available worldwide. It seems that she deliberately published the tweet and later deleted it under the influence of superiors.

For weeks investigative journalists of the Eastern Herald and some other media organizations have worked to investigate the mystery behind the whimsical pricing of covid 19 vaccines. And the result was shocking, which has prompted us in revealing the fact – which we call the Vaccine Leak.

Leaked original price list of Covid vaccine

  • Oxford/AstraZeneca: €1.78 (US$2.18).
  • Johnson & Johnson: US$8.50.
  • Sanofi/GSK: €7.56 (US$9.24).
  • Pfizer/BioNTech: €12 (US$14.67).
  • CureVac: €10 (US$12.22).
  • Moderna: US$18.

Efficacy of Covid-19 Vaccine

The efficacy of any vaccine is a factor when it comes to reality. In the case of COVID-19 vaccines, the efficacy remains between 90% and 95% but the Indian serum vaccine efficacy is nearly 70% only. This is one of the significant reasons why India wants to buy Coronavirus vaccine from other countries.

Dual standard of vaccination

All the world was waiting for the good news of the COVID-19 vaccine and then suddenly in the first week of November, the desire fulfilled. It has been seen on social media and several media reports that most of the monarchs, heads of governments, royals, and top politicians in power have received their vaccine shots during the first week of November only. President Trump and his opponent Joe Biden and Kamala Harris too got their vaccine dose during the same week. In fact, Prime Minister Narendra Modi also received his vaccine shot during the first week of November.

US Presidential election 2020 was held on 3rd November and the very next day on November 4, the good news of the COVID-19 vaccine was heard in several media reports. And on 5th November top US officials and politicians received their vaccine doses including president-elect Joe Biden. But on the contrary Washington Post said that Biden received his vaccine on December 22.

COVID first appeared in the UK, not in China

Coronavirus is portrayed as a Chinese virus that originated in the city of Wuhan in China. But Chinese researchers claimed that this virus did not originate in China but in other countries including India and Bangladesh. Another study revealed that the coronavirus appeared in the UK two weeks prior to that in China. As highly influential media houses like BBC, CNN, REUTERS, CBS, FOX, and many others are anti-China and they followed the British propaganda and started blaming China instead of Britain.

Was COVID a conspiracy or the Covid Vaccine?

President-Elect Joe Biden said in a statement that the Coronavirus has been mutated and hence the world needs a different vaccine now. Recall that Joe Biden has already received his share of the Covid-19 vaccine. On the other hand, China claimed that the regular Covid vaccine is working fine against Coronavirus.

There are reports that the Coronavirus appeared in the UK 2 weeks before it appeared in China. But the mainstream media restrain from accusing Britain of COVID conspiracy. At the beginning of the Covid pandemic, in fact, before it, almost every media house was equipped with the self-drawn pieces of evidence that the virus appeared in Wuhan. Many media houses and some influential world governments started calling the Covid a Chinese virus.

How BREXIT and COVID are connected?

Since Britain is the biggest loser in the BREXIT negotiations, Boris Johnson now started spreading rumors about Coronavirus worldwide. Is it about the failure of the Brexit negotiations? Boris is paving paths of excuses to hide his failure in BREXIT and repeatedly giving lockdowns.

Boris is trying very hard to take the advantage of Corona crisis to hide his failed. Boris Johnson again imposed lockdown and sealed the borders of England to divert people’s attention from the issue of BREXIT to some other.

Bangladesh will pay extra for the COVID vaccine

Asia is emerging as Europe emerged during the past century. And Bangladesh seems to be the highest gainer with the highest GDP in the region. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the GDP of Bangladesh kept on the positive side. A Bangladeshi minister announced in a press conference that Bangladesh is ready to buy the COVID vaccine at a higher price than Europe.

COVID vaccine and Pharma Mafia

Almost every country is very much under the influence of the Pharma mafia due to their huge flow of funds. Pharma mafia has emerged as the most prominent player during the pandemic. It is controlling the flow of the vaccine everywhere in the world and selling at a price much higher than the price in the EU as mentioned by Belgium’s minister, Eva De Bleeker.

Top pharma agent companies will profit from every single dose sold anywhere in the world. They are all set and there is a Bull in a china shop. The entire global population is going to be robbed off by the pharma mafia by fixing the whimsical price of the Covid 19 vaccine. The Belgium minister disclosed the prices of vaccines ranging between USD 2.18 and 18 and Bangladeshi minister Salman F. Rahman has in a press conference claimed that the prices of the covid vaccine will remain between $40 and $60. The Belgium minister is not a member of any Pharma mafia but the Bangladeshi minister is the owner of a big pharma company BEXIMCO pharma in Bangladesh and is the investment advisor to PM Hasina.

Covid suffering

Every country is suffering from the effects of the COVID-19 crisis. Repeated lockdowns and curfews cracked the economic backbone of almost every nation around the globe. Trillions of Dollars of the economies have been suffered from this pandemic. Many died from hunger not only in Africa but in other nations too like India, Pakistan, Myanmar to name a few. The UN warned of the threat of rising starvation in West Africa. The public is suffering mentally and economically. Should the Pharma mafia be allowed to remain in this position where they control the chaos and benefit from the pandemic?

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