The new variant of the coronavirus discovered in the United Kingdom, which spreads more rapidly, “is not out of control”, said today the World Health Organization (WHO), which called for the continued application of health measures that have already demonstrated their effectiveness.

In addition, the multilateral organization concluded that the new variant of the virus detected in the United Kingdom is not the same mutation that was found in South Africa, the other country that warned about a different strain than the one that a year ago hit the whole world relentlessly.


“We registered an R0 (virus reproduction rate) much higher than 1.5 at different times of this pandemic, and we have controlled it. This situation, in that sense, is not out of control,” said the head of health emergencies of the WHO, Michael Ryan, in a press conference.

His statements referred to those of the British Health Minister, Matt Hancock, who yesterday assured that “the new strain of the coronavirus was out of control.”

In Geneva, Ryan estimated this afternoon that “although the virus has become a little more efficient in terms of spreading, it can be stopped,” the AFP news agency reported.

“The current measures are good. We must continue doing what we have done” until now, said the senior official.

Earlier a detailed investigative report Vaccine Leak was published by The Eastern Herald. The Vaccine Leak exposed the Pharma Mafia and their profit from different COVID-19 vaccines. Many politicians may also be involved in this conspiracy.