If outgoing US President Donald Trump tries to retain power by force, a civil war could begin in the country. Tiberio Graziani, an Italian political scientist, chairman of the Vision & Global Trends analytical center, presented this scenario which is noted by The Eastern Herald here.

“If we still allow this scenario, then a real civil war will break out between the Americans. Its outcome will be unpredictable, ”Graziani said.

He believes that such a development of events is unlikely since in order to maintain power, Trump would have to “resort to the help of certain groups within the Pentagon and, above all, private military companies and paramilitaries.” In this case, the expert noted, the head of state “would become a hostage of the latter.”

Graziani added that such a development of events would be resisted by various lobbies, which would face the threat of a global institutional crisis and the loss of their influence on the international arena.

In addition, the expert emphasized, any attempts by Trump to act in this direction will be suppressed by the US government circles, which have a decisive domestic political weight.

Earlier, Newsweek magazine reported that the US Department of Defense is considering what to do for the armed forces if Trump, in his last days as president and supreme commander, imposes martial law in the country. The article noted that the Pentagon is working out a plan of its actions in secret from the head of state.

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  1. We’e already witnessed a civil war in America while he is a president. Dumb f…k.

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