Ukraine has finally broken with the “Russian world” and will continue on its way as part of the West. This was stated by the country’s foreign minister Dmitry Kuleba.

“First, Ukraine will never give up either Crimea or Donbass. Secondly, Ukraine will continue its path as a European country, as a part of the West, since its break with the “Russian world” is final. Everything else is a matter of time and diplomacy, ”Kuleba said in an interview with Internationale Politik.

Earlier, the head of Ukrainian diplomacy said that the country’s authorities have formulated three tasks to “return” Crimea to the country.

“The first task is how we keep the occupied Crimea on the strategic agenda so that this issue is not forgotten. The second is how we ensure the effectiveness of the sanctions regime against Crimea. The third one is what additional international instruments can we involve in order to exert pressure on Russia, ”said the head of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry.

“I am absolutely convinced that this will happen. This is not a diplomatic fantasy, but a completely pragmatic calculation, ”Kuleba added.

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